Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yout Gotta Be Rich To Be The President of the USA

clockwise from top left: John Edwards' $6,000,000 farm in in Chapel Hill, NC; John McCain's 7,000 sq. foot condo in Phoenix, AZ; Mitt Romney's $10,000,000 vacation house in New Hampshire; the $1,650,000 Obama house in South Chicago, IL; and the $1,700,000 Clinton casa in Chappaqua, NY.

Since the always shocking and entertaining parade of Presidential politics has already begun with dozens of "debates," name calling candidates and deep discussions of non-issue issues, Your Mama thought we might add to the fun. Because as anyone who knows Your Mama knows, we just love the upsetting and disturbing spectacle of a Presidential campaign.

Earlier this week, mainstream news outlet Newsweek posted an interesting and unnerving article on their website about some of the homes of the current crop of Presidential hopefuls.

Lawhd children, as most people in this country struggle to pay their mortgages, feed their babies and figure out a way to afford the outrageous premiums for their meager medical benefits, it will not likely bouy y'all to know that just about every candidate on the dais lives up in a multi-million dollar home, and in most cases they own more than one multi million dollar home. So when those conservative suited and glossy haired candidates start tossing around the "I know the plight of the common person" bullshit that they seem to like so much, just remember puppies, that ev-er-ee single one of them goes home to a plush and posh crib and more than likely do not worry, fret or even think about going belly up bankrupt because little buck toothed Tina busted up her bones tripping over a damn crack in the sidewalk.

Now children, do not think Your Mama begrudges the candidates' behemoth bank accounts or simply covets the residential spoils of their financial successes. We don't. This is the American dream after all: work hard, make boo-coo coin, buy a big house with more bedrooms than you need and get a few gas guzzling SUVs for the garage.

All we're saying is that when Miz Clinton and Mister Obama cat fight over universal health care coverage and Mister Edwards yaks on about ending poverty in America and Misters Guiliani and Romney bicker over tax reform and privatizing Social Security, just remember, they are not the average American looking to find some sense of financial security in an insecure world. Your Mama recommends you squint your eyes with skepticism (don't let anyone tell you it's not good to question your public servants), educate yourself on what these rich people really have planned for the little people, and vote your conscience.

(Photos (clockwise from top left): via, Don Carrington ,, AP (3))

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