Friday, December 7, 2007

UPDATE: Palazzo Chupi

There has been a lot of speculation and rumor about just who is buying into egolicious artist Julian Schnabel's pinky red behemoth in the West Village, a controversial and ornate building that Your Mama happens to love not for it's missing beauty marks, but simply because it flips the proverbial bird at all the lovely but ubiquitous glass towers that have and continue to sprout all up and down the far West Side of Manhattan.

What a nice change of pace to get something loaded with pizazz and personality versus one of these banal Costas Kondylis monstrosities or yet another gorgeous, sleek and minimalist glass things by Richard Meier or Winka Dubbeldam.

First, some stinking rich banking dude name William J.B. Brady bought one of the units, then aging sexy man Richard Gere and his wifey Carrie Lowell picked up a place.

Then the shit really hit the gossip fan when everyone, including Your Mama, was whispering and writing that the U2 front man turned global crusader decided to move from his smoke filled co-operative apartment at the swanky San Remo on the Upper West Side and into the pinkish palazzo.

Well, according to New York Magazine, he's not packing his uptown shelaighlieghs and moving downtown after all.

The oh so lovely So Chic Darling whispered this tidbit of information in our ear weeks ago (and we have the email to prove it), but stoopidly, we sat on the information for no good bloody reason.

Sources: Toni Dalton for The Villager (photo)

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