Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Pallotta Palace

There is simply nothing like 21 damn thousand square feet in which to empty nest, right kids? Thanks to the good people at Glitterati Gossip (via The Boston Globe), Your Mama has a little something to say about the massive fieldstone and slate Georgian style mansion that Boston Celtics co-owner Jim Pallotta and his wifey Kim are currently erecting on 27.5 acres in Weston, MA, a tony but quiet suburb of Boston.

Lawhd children sometimes Your Mama gets stuck in the LA/NYC/Palm Beach Bermuda Triangle of real estate and forgets that rich people everywhere like to build themselves big ass monuments to the buying power of their extreme wealth. Now children, really, Your Mama is no fool and we understand full well that this is the U-ni-tuhd States of Amurica where rich and poor people alike are entitled to build houses as big as they wanna build 'em and furnish them as luxuriously as their bank accounts will bear. It's the American way. Just look at that philandering media mogul William Randolph Hearst and his crazy castle up in San Simeon, CA. Or all those rich and famous folks up in Beverly Park where 21,000 square feet is merely medium sized.

But that don't mean that Your mama cain't ask, "Why?" Why, when they will be shipping their youngest of two children off to college in a year or two, do the Pallotta's want 21,000 square feet to rattle around in all by themselves? Don't they know that with no one else living up in that monster mansion the live-in help will have nothing better to do than follow their private life and intimate moments like it's a damn soap opera? You think we're kidding? Just ask someone who's lived and worked as full time staff up in one of these big manor houses. Shocking what the staff knows. Shaw-king! Which is why no matter how much paper and coin might be making even more money in Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter's various bank accounts, there is no way in hell you could pay us to have live in staff. Pleeze!

According to The Boston Globe, the Pallotta's unfinished 20 room house will feature 5 bedrooms, including a master suite with two walk in closets and an exercise room, living and dining rooms, a wood paneled kitchen with breakfast area, family room, and a sun room. Down in the finished basement will be a 12-seat theater, a game room, music room, and a wine cellar with a separate area for magnums and jeroboams. Outside will be a 4-car garage, a fifty foot swimming pool and cabana, and natch, a basketball court. A separate carriage house with 8 garage bays will house Mister Pallottas muscle car collection.

Current taxes on the incomplete structure are reported to be just over $125,000 per year, an already huge number that will surely sky rocket when the property is given its final certificates of occupancy.

Interestingly the article in The Boston Globe noted that the original plans for the house were for it to measure around 28,000 square feet, but the "prohibitive price" required the size be scaled down somewhat. See puppies, even the filthy rich have budgets and such are the funky financial machinations of a man who reportedly earned $200,000,000 in 2005 alone.

Your Mama wishes these Pallotta people all the happiness in the world in their new airport hanger sized home. We do. But we also predict this place will be for sale within three years of completion with all sorts of quotes in The Boston Globe about how they just don't need that much space anymore. You watch. It happens all. the. time.

Source: David L. Ryan/Globe Staff (photos)

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