Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your Mama Hears...

...from an unconfirmed source that English actor, car crasher, and practicing Buddhist Orlando Bloom recently painted his newly renovated house on Outpost Drive black. Yes, children, black. Oh dear. Bet the neighbors are thrilled. Yes puppies, black houses can be quite stylish...there's a natty and snazzy black shingled house around the corner from Your Mama's beach house that impresses us greatly. But considering that Mister Bloom's house is a sprawling ranch house with a blue tile roof, Your Mama is deeply concerned his house will look like a big damn bruise if indeed it's been painted black.

Property records show that Mister Bloom quietly purchased his 3,248 square foot house earlier in the year for $2,750,000 from the estate of a prominent civil rights attorney named Melanie Lomax, who perished in 2006 after her car tumbled down an embankment not far from her house. Previous to Miz Lomax, the house was owned by Thomas Gibson of the thankfully defunct Dharma and Greg sitcom, and according to The Movieland Directory, the singer Helen Reddy also shacked up here.

Buddhist Bloom is not the only big name celebrity to bunk down in this neck Outpost Estates. Bloom's 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom house sits on a three-quarter acre parcel just around the corner from behemoth breasted "did she or did she not have plastic surgery" Scarlett Johansson's new house and just a few doors down and across the street from one of the many houses that Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron owns around Los Angeles.

Your Mama understands that Mister Bloom has made extensive renovations to the house and although he's a very, very private individual we can only hope he'll invite us over to see the changes when they're complete. And we promise to have an open mind about the black paint.

Source: Pacific Coast News (top photo)

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