Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rent Faye Dunaway's West Hollywood Hideout

OWNER: Faye Dunaway
LOCATION: N. Spaulding Avenue, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $4,250 per month
SIZE: 2 bedrooms
DESCRIPTION: Completely Hidden from the Street by high walls and hedges a private oasis awaits the discriminating person or persons who desire peace, tranquility and anonymity. The Spanish house is wonderfully appointed with a grand master suite and French doors that open to the yard; an updated kitchen with viking stove and modern bathrooms. You get the look and feel of your own chateau...A rare opportunity, don't pass it up...

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE: It seems clear from all accounts that Miz Dunaway has inhabited this duplex for quite some time and is a well known neighborhood fuss budget. Oh, and the price was raised to $5,000/month.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A day or two ago, in the middle of trying to cat box train our new pussycat Sugar while simultaneously and frantically preparing for the in-laws to visit, Your Mama received a breathless email from the Tony the Tatler who informed us that a "For Rent" sign had recently popped up in front of Oscar winning actress Faye Dunaway's place on N. Spaulding Avenue in West Hollywood.

Everyone knows that Faye Dunaway, along with her tremendous teeth, is one of the great beauties ever to grace the silver screen, even if she brilliantly played a vile and ugly monster mommy in the still upsetting and unbelievable Mommy Dearest.

But did anyone know that the aging actress, who is well preserved for a woman in her sixties, lived in a modest bungalow in West Hollywood? We didn't either, until being contacted by Tony the Tatler. We have always imagined Miz Dunaway elegantly inhabiting a big colonial in Bel Air that is aging somewhat gracefully and is chock full of velvet furniture and silver picture frames that are kept shiny by an ancient housekeeper named Ingaborg who has been scrubbing Miss Faye's terlits and cooking up her meals since 1959. But alas...

Truthfully, Your Mama is not sure that Miz Dunaway actually does live at the petite and humble N. Spaulding Avenue property that was recently put up for rent on Craig's List for $4,250 per month. We are working on that confirmation, but the children will likely have to wait until after the Labor Day holiday for Your Mama to confirm. However, property records do indeed reveal that Miz Dunaway has owned the property since 1998 when she paid a shockingly low sounding $315,000 for the corner property which includes two separate structures that comprise the duplex.

Property records show the property as having 2,456 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but given that the unit being offered for lease has only 2 bedrooms, we imagine the 5 bedroom and 2 bathrooms are split between the two units.

Because the property is fully walled with high hedges to protect privacy, the mini-house would be perfect for an upcoming celeb like young Zac Efron, who probably does not yet have enough money in his pocket to purchase a sexy pad in The Birds, but still needs a centrally located, private, and secure home base that will ensure all the tween-age gurls and 50 something gay guys that go all wiggly and moist in his presence will not be able peer their prying eyes into the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of his skinny and shirtless torso.

Your Mama would like to think that having Miz Dunaway for a landlord would be something akin to a modern day Los Angeles version of Tales of The City with Dunaway swapped out for the mary jane growing Anna Madrigal, which would be fabulous. But somehow we can't imagine Miz Dunaway smoking a spliff and making dinner for Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter.

Sources: Craig's List

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