Saturday, September 1, 2007

UPDATE: Paris Hilton

Although there has been rampant speculation about whether she did or did not, Your Mama hears that Paris Hilton did indeed buy the big yellow house up in guard gated Mulholland Estates that all the gossips and tabs have recently declared is the new home of Princess Paris.

And we hear from our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills that the deal has closed for $5,900,000, which is not too far off the $6,250,000 asking price. Looks like Paris' uncle Maruricio drove a hard bargain.

So now the world sits tight and waits for the place to get decorated in classic multi-millionaire starvelet style with some leopard print carpet, a giant self-portrait above the fireplace and a greased stripper pole so that all the glossy tabs can print pictures when ol' Paris' new book comes out and she needs a little PR push. Paris gurl, we have a better idea, call Your Mama and let us showcase your new home on our little blog.

Source: Pacific Coast News (photo)

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