Thursday, September 6, 2007

Usher's Suburban Atlanta Manse

LOCATION: Merriweather Woods, Alpharetta, GA
PRICE: $1,995,000 (increased from $1,950,000)
SIZE: 8,022 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Luxurious owners ste on main, exquisite detail thruout, terrace, features hair salon, exercise rm, fam rm w/ custom bar, billiard rm & bdrm. Recording std & guest.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama has never cruised the streets of Buckhead or Alpharetta, Georgia in our big BMW, so we really don't know what we're talking about when we say that we do not understand the pull suburban Atlanta seems to have on a myriad of rich and famous, particularly those from the music set. We imagine all the Georgians will proudly tell us that the better suburbs of Atlanta are filled with lush and lavish estates that rival those in Beverly Hills and Bergen County, NJ, only with much cheaper price tags.

Case in point is the suburban pile of hip hop crooner Usher. Yesterday, Your Mama received a call from Southern Sam, our man in Atlanta, who let us know that Mister Usher has put his Alpharetta mansion on the market for $1,950,000, a modestly priced abode given given just how rich this man is.

If we are being honest, and you know we always are, Your Mama confesses that we do not know practically anything about this Usher person, and we would easily fail any test that required we hum a few bars of any of his songs. What little we do know about this man, we have learned in the glossy tabs, so you know it's salacious and has little to do with his talents. All Your Mama knows about the 28 year old singer is that in late July 2007, he canceled his tremendous and expensive wedding at the Southampton spread of music mogul L.A. Reid just hours (hours!) before he was scheduled to wed a gal named Tameka Foster, a much older 37 year old mommy of three who also has Usher's bun in the oven.

Had we been invited to the nuptials, and strangely, we were not, Your Mama would have been one irritated guest after trucking our self all the way to the damn Hamptons in the humid heat of the summer only to be turned away at the gates with our lovely gift of a custom made and overly expensive fondue set. Now babies, Your Mama does not think that anyone should get married if they get the cold feet, but this Usher thing was some rude shit, especially since the couple ended up getting married just a few weeks later in a big ceremony in, surprise!, suburban Atlanta. Your Mama would NOT have forwarded that fondue set to Atlanta, we can tell you that.

According to a recent article on a website called Access Atlanta, the Usher residence occupies a large corner lot in a subdivision called the Country Club of the South, which appears to be a gated golf course community of tightly packed mansions. According to property records, Mister Usher paid $1,200,000 in December of 1998 when he purchased the property from none other than L.A. Reid, who quickly took his money and decamped for seaside Southampton, NY

The 8,022 square foot grey stucco mansion includes 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms according to the listing information. Also included on the property is a guest house, in ground swimming pool, den, office, recreation room, media room, music studio (natch), and a hair salon. A hair salon? Now babies, we know that the rich and famous ahve to be walking the red carpets and looking their absolute best just to go to the dman 7-11, but isn't a home hair salon just a little extreme for a man that could prolly cut his own hair with a good set of Wahl clippers?

Unfortunately, Your Mama really has very little nice to say about this house and it's decor. We are not fond of the faux Beidermeier/Versace cabinet work in the living room and the curved satin couch is just so wrong we don't even know what to say about it except that it really belongs in the dressing room of an aging Broadway diva who brings her cats to the theater. The dining room as a whole is just awful, but we do like the red carpet, and probably out favorite item in all the photos would be that strange planter with the gold hands that act as children, you might disagree with Your Mama here, but we think that thing is so crazy it's good.

Clearly the newly married couple need a larger home to accommodate their growing brood of brats and the necessary nannies that will be required to keep the kids in check while daddy Usher tours and mommy keeps pushing out babies. The question now is do they stay in suburban Alpharetta or pack their Louis Vuitton for another of the many upscale suburban Atlanta developments?

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