Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Your Mama Done Got It WRONG!


Today Your Mama comes to the children prostrated, humbled, and humiliated. We may write a snarky blog about the not very important subject of celebrity real estate, but Your Mama still endeavors to present accurate information about the properties and owners we discuss. Even still, we are sometimes wrong. Just plain wrong, as we were last week when we erroneously reported on a Hancock Park house we thought had been purchased by Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire and his baby mama (now wifey) Jennifer Meyer.

Here's what happened:

Two weeks ago Your Mama received an anonymous but very detailed tip about a house in Hancock Park that was rumored to have been purchased by the Maguire/Meyers. We could not confirm the tip with property records, so we held the story and quickly put out feelers to a handful of always reliable and knowledgeable sources.

Two sources confirmed that all fingers pointed towards Tobey Maguire. So Your Mama ran like the wind with the story, eager to break the news and offer something juicy for all the children to savor. One week after we discussed the property, we heard from the original tipster who informed us, regretfully, that he may have received and passed along incorrect information.

Mind atwitter and heart pounding, Your Mama hunted for more precise information to try to get to the bottom of the issue. Everything was jumbled, messy and unclear until we received an email today from a high powered individual who asked to remain anonymous and whom we will call The Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy informed Your Mama that a hugely successful and Emmy winning television producer named John Wells, with credits like ER, The West Wing, and China Beach, was selling his big Spanish style house on De Mille Drive in the gated and gorgeous Laughlin Park section of Los Feliz, and moving to the very same big English Tudor mansion on S. Hudson Avenue in Hancock Park that we had reported was purchased by Mister Tobey Maguire.

Oh Dear. Houston we have a problem.

Your Mama went back to the sources and managed, FINALLY, with the help of a top secret and extremely well placed informant, to cross reference the owner of the De Mille Drive house (John Wells) to the new owner of the big brick house on S. Hudson Avenue (also John Wells). John Wells, while rich and in "the bizness," is clearly and decidedly NOT Tobey Maguire. We also heard today, out of the blue and from someone whom we trust that Mister Maguire is still shopping for a new house for his new family.

So babies, Tobey Maguire did NOT buy the house on S. Hudson, and we are very sorry to have reported this in error and misinformed the children and provided any number of other blogs, websites, and publications with inaccurate information.

We're not wrong often, but when we are, we're really off the deep end, right? Onward and forward we march, this humiliation and error an angry notch in our lipstick case and fodder for the grist mill of gossip and dinner table conversation around the world.

Please know that Your Mama has no desire or intent to mislead or misinform. Nor do we believe that any of our tipsters and informants on this property had any intent to deceive. Mistakes get made and gossip is a slippery business. Please also be assured that Your Mama has always and will continue to make every effort to thoroughly research and report accurate information.

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