Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UPDATE: Vera Wang

Looks like uber broker Deborah Grubman (step-mommy to PR maven Lizzie Grubman), didn't have to work very hard to sell Vera Wang's $35,000,000 Park Avenue apartment. The website for Corcoran, the brokerage to which the elder Miz Grubman is associated, shows the 14 room apartment as being in contract.

This is no small feat children, because 778 Park Avenue, the super swanky Rosario Candela designed building in which the sprawling full floor unit is located, requires buyers purchase the apartment with cash. That's all cash kids, no mortgages allowed.

Although we have zero inside knowledge of who the buyer might be, Your Mama presumes that the apartment is being purchased by a hedgie who's looking to park a wad of easy-earned cash for safe keeping in the event that the bottom falls out of the hedge fund market.

Can everyone see Miz Grubman doing the money dance as she calculates her massive commission?

Sources: City Realty (photo)

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