Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The $165,000,000 Mega-Estate of Leonard Ross (Part 3)

Your Mama apologizes for the delay in bringing the children more photos of the $165,000,000 mega estate of Leonard Ross. As anyone who is anyone already knows, the 6.5 acre property is located on bizzy N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. More discussion on the house can be found here and here. Today we're going to look over a few photos of the eating and drinking rooms in the mansion.

At the top left we see what we imagine is the formal dining room. If Your Mama is being honest, and we always are, we must say that we are a little disappointed with this room. No doubt the vaguely Chippendale table opens up with several leaves, but we expected something perhaps a little larger and longer with a table that comfortably seats 24 rather than the eight chairs we see in the photograph.

The walls have been entirely mirrored, a peculiar and puzzling choice. Your Mama is quite certain that was an expensive folly, but we can not imagine a more grotesque wall finish for a dining room. Who wants to be sitting down to a lovely supper of stuffed pheasant with a pomegranate glaze while being forced to watch all the Ernestines and Harolds that have been invited to dinner chewing their damn food reflected around the room like some sort of carnival fun house?

At the top right we see a smaller dining room that is adjacent to the larger, but not large enough, formal dining room. This room, more than likely used for family and casual dining occasions, is perhaps called the morning room, a term that is most often used by people rich enough that they do not prepare or serve their own meals. We confess to appreciating this room quite a bit. Certainly, it's stuffy enough that the Queen of England might be comfortable munching a scone and drinking a stiff cup of coffee, but the room maintains an casual and traditional elegance that is balanced by the quirky lighting sconces and the elaborate and funky tile pattern on the wall.

Just below, we see the wine cellar, a room that gives super rich folks an excuse to get drunk under the guise of high minded viticulture. Please. Your Mama knows these filthy rich people like to tie one one just like ev-er-ee-bod-ee else, only they do it with a few bottles of 1966 Lafite Rothschild instead of a case of Coors.

The room at the lower left appears to be a casual sitting room for family and intimate guests as opposed to the hordes that flock to the property for charity events. The ceiling appears to upholstered for good acoustics and the floors appear to be a salmon colored terrazzo which is perfect for that corporate CEO private sitting room look. The damask covered wing chairs only enhance that look. Your Mama's eyes fail us at the most inopportune moments, but do the children agree that there appear to be several televisions flanking the fireplace...more than likely for keeping track of the stocks and bonds.

Tomorrow we will continue our tour with a few of the rooms designed for entertaining.

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