Thursday, September 6, 2007

The $165,000,000 Mega-Estate of Leonard Ross (Part 4)

No rest for the weary kids. Your Mama is running out the door, but before we head out we wanted to get the hungry children a few more morsels of the Beverly Hills estate that financier Leonard Ross has on the market with the ear piercing asking price of $165,000,000. We have previously discussed the property here, here, and here.

At the top left we see the baronial sized library, with a soaring ceiling and a hand carved gallery circling the room that is lined with books. Presumably these books are first editions that are meant only to be viewed while on the shelf and certainly are not to be cracked open and actually read. The big desk with the red leather top leads us to believe this is the room Mister Ross wheels, deals, receives business cronies, and counts his money.

The billiard room, top right, is the parquet floored billiard room with the elaborate pool table and the elaborately high carved wood ceiling. While Your Mama is quite certain that most of the items in this room cost as much as a Mercedes, it still manages to like the rec room of a frat house.

At the bottom we have the in-house disco, which looks almost exactly like a nightclub Your Mama used to frequent in East Germany in the early 1980s. Your Mama finds it puzzling and perplexing that people with excessively large homes and bottomless bank accounts feel the need to install full scale discotheques in their homes, let alone one with a vaguely art deco theme, cheap black leather sectional sofas and a tacky mirrored ceiling. The only thing that is missing from this photo is a row of uniformed staff with trays full of white powder and $100 bills that have been rolled into a straws. We're not saying anything nefarious and illegal happens here with a white powdered substance, only that it looks like it should.


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