Saturday, August 4, 2007


Your Mama is giddy and extremely pleased to tell all the children that today, Saturday August 4th, 2007, we have pushed beyond 1,000,000 page hits for the year to date. ONE MILLION!!! In just seven months we've had more than 1 million page hits. We are shocked, amazed, astounded and oh so thrilled.

We would like to thank all our regular readers, part time readers, and all those that came here just one time. We LOVE the cacophony of comments and the dialogue y'all carry on about the properties.

We'd also like to thank all the many, MANY other websites and blogs that link over to our little blog on a regular basis as well as all those that linked over just one time. There are too many to list in their entirety, so we'll list those at the top of our head: Curbed LA, A Socialite's Life, LAist, L.A. LAND (The LA Times blog), Luxist, Radar, Big Time Listings, Glitterati Gossip, The Rat and the Mouse, The Gilded Moose, SFist, Celebrity Cowboy, The World of Wonder, LA Observed, Breesay's Journal, Valleywag, and of course all the many celebrity fan sites and discussion groups. If we've missed you here, please let us know, we'll GLADLY add you to the list.

We'd like to thank the newspapers and publications that have mentioned, pointed to and featured our little blog in print as well as online: The New York Times, 7x7, The Telegraph, The Times UK, The New York Observer, the NY Post, and USA Today.

Let's not forget our one advertiser whose contract we appreciate immensely. May there be a few more in the future, because Your Mama has got a mortgage to pay.

Of course we'd be lost without our team of tipsters who include but are certainly not limited to our fairy godmother, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Lucy Spillerguts, Mugsy Fairweather, the Yorkshire Bint, Tommy Tellall, and many, MANY more.

And let's not forget our bitches Linda and Beverly. Or the Dr. Cooter, from whom all good things spring forth and who makes all this possible.

And keep you're eyes peeled because we're soon going to be seen on VH1's The Fabulous Life Presents...

Here's to a couple million more!


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