Monday, August 13, 2007

From Ozzy Osbourne to Christina Aguilera

Awesome celebrity real estate blogger Mister Big Time is on FIRE this week!! First he breaks the news about David Spade's $16,000,000 house in Malee-boo, and today he tells us that the rumors about preggers Christina Aguilera and her music mogul huzband Jordan Bratman purchasing the Doheny Road house of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are true. TRUE!

While we still think it's an unusual and surprising choice for the Bratman/Aguilera's, property records do confirm the sale. No word on the purchase price, but the house had been listed at $11,995,000.

Your Mama expects that in a month or two the couple's stunning Devlin Drive house will go on the market for a large sum of money. We also expect the couple will move from the Osbourne house to less public and illustrious digs in a year or two after they tire of all the tour buses parked out front and the Japanese tourists trying to climb over the wall. Just a hunch.

But Mister Big Time is not done breaking stories there. Oh no!

He ALSO tells all us celebrity real estate tongue waggers that the Osbournes have purchased a sprawling, 10,953 square foot house in suburban Hidden Hills that features 6 bedrooms and a staggering 10 bathrooms. The 2.35 acre property sits just around the corner from the 10,223 square foot house Brad Garret had on the market earlier this year, and the humongous 11,518 square foot house Matt LeBlanc had on the market in the Spring. Your Mama hears from a very reliable source that Mister LeBlanc's house, which was listed at $10,295,000, has been sold.

We find the Osbourne's choice of Hidden Hills a little surprising. We're not at all surprised they would choose a guard gated community or that they would buy another mammoth house. But in Hidden Hills? Really? Now children, do not send us a thousand emails about how Hidden Hills is a lovely community loaded with lots of famous people. We know. But the Osbournes? How are the horsey neighbors in Hidden Hills going to like a big crucifix gracing the front gates? Hmm. Does this mean they're settling down for a quiet life of semi retired celebrities who sit on the back patio sipping iced tea watching the grass grow?

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