Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Some Icing on the Fleur De Lys Cake

UPDATE: Happiness can be so fleeting children. The spectacular video has unfortunately been removed from YouTube. Thank your lucky stars if you saw it and if you didn't well, you missed something really great.

Over the last week or two Your Mama has been contacted by a lot of folks who all had something to say to about Fleur De Lys, the Bel Air mansion owned by larger than life dee-vorcée Suzanne Saperstein, who we're told by one insider "could spend a million bucks during a half hour lunch and still have room for dessert."

We received email from former employees of the Sapersteins. We received a few amateur photos of the interiors. And we even heard from one of the many decorators responsible for the over the top decor who told us Miz Saperstein's bed is an EXACT replica of Marie Antoinette's bed at Versailles. What?!

But our favorite email was from a gal whom we'll call Barbie Doll, who hooked us up with an amazing video of the LA Gay Mens Chorus camping it up on the grounds of Fleur De Lys. Barbie also told Your Mama that the big blond is none other than Miz Suzanne Saperstein's assistant who works it all out in her rainbow mini dress.

Words fail to describe our extreme delight at receiving this video, and Your Mama is not too embarrassed to tell you we peed a little from hysterics while watching it the first time through.

Enjoy the gorgeousness.

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