Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UPDATE: Paris Hilton Makes Another Million Bucks

Well kids, we've been hearing rumors for a couple of days, and today every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally has emailed Your Mama screaming that Paris Hilton has done sold her damn house in the hills of West Hollywood.

All reports say that the house sold for $4,250,000 after just 10 days on the market. I guess that answers a certain question about whether a celebrity owner can affect the value of a house.

As everyone who every turned on a television or opened a tabloid the last couple months knows, Paris is shacked up in a 2 bedroom ocean front house in Malee-boo and is on the hunt for a new house to call home that will provide the publicity hungry Hollywood hunny more privacy than her last house.

Miz Hilton paid $2,900,000 for the N. Kings Road house, and with the reported sale price of $4,250,000 she'll make over a million bucks on the sale of the house. Say what you will about the ex-con, but she knows how to make money. Now that's hot.

What we really want to know now is WHO bought the place? Could it be some crazed fan from Japan? Or maybe a budding starlet hoping to capitalize of the residue of Paris' fame? Or maybe Perez Hilton is taking some of his massive ad revenue and bought the house of his namesake? Hmm. Anyone knows, give Your Mama a holler.

(Your Mama would like to thank all the children who sent us links, tips and information.)

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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