Monday, August 20, 2007

George Santo Pietro's $50,000,000 Speculation House

SELLER: George Santo Pietro
LOCATION: 77 Beverly Park Lane, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $50,000,000
SIZE: 30,000 square feet (approx.), 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: An amazing Italian Villa designed by renowned architect William Hablinski. Superbly located on two plush acres in Beverly Park, this 9BR, 14BA villa features a grand screening room & wine basement built for kinds & many other remarkable features. The grand scale living, dining & family rooms & gourmet kitchen make it ideal for entertaining guests & dignitaries. outdoor luxuries include an Italian kitchen, sand volleyball court, and herb & spice garden. This residence is simply beyond compare.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The children have been screaming and emailing for Your Mama to discuss the big ass house in Beverly Park that has recently hit the market for a bank account draining $50,000,000. They all want to know, who does it belong to? Well children, Your Mama happens to know who owns this house. It was built on speculation by a gentleman named George Santo Pietro, whose name some of you may recognize as the ex-huzband of letter turner Vanna White.

Some reports say Mister Santo Pietro is a restaurant mogul, some that he's a dolly grip (whatever that is) for film and television. Others that he's a developer. Perhaps he is all three. Whatever the case, he's got enough money, credit, and collateral to build a monstrous mansion on speculation. Y'all know what speculation means, right? It means this Santo Pietro person built the house in order to sell it on at a gigantic profit.

While Your Mama was unable to locate accurate and up to date property records for the newly built house, published reports say the place measures in at a mind numbing 30,000 square feet, which means it's pretty much the size of a small hotel. The listing states the house sits on more than 2 acres and includes 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, a sure indication that the owner will require at least one full time terlit brush wielding staff person.

Let's not forget that the backyard has been kitted out to include an outdoor kitchen area, a sand volleyball court, heating swimming pool, and an herb and vegetable garden, which apparently has been planted and maintained although no one actually lives in the house.

Miz Vanna White and her ex-hubby have a long history up behind the guarded and hallowed gates of Beverly Park. Back in the early 1990s, the couple purchased a vacant lot at 75 Beverly Park Lane where they built a 14,554 square foot Italianate mansion with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. According to property records, which we found a mite confusing on this address, it appears that Miz Vanna White still retains some sort of ownership of the property.

None the less, in the wake of her dee-vorce, Miz Vanna White decamped from uber swank Beverly Park to Mulholland Estates, another posh guard gated community off Mulholland Drive. Records reveal that in October of 2001 Miz Vanna White purchased an 8,988 square foot Mediterranean style house on Aubrey Road that includes 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Mister Santo Pietro stayed put in Beverly Park, where Your Mama likes to imagine Mister Santo Pietro as he sits on the second story patio of his big house at 75 overlooking the newly built and bigger house at 77 counting all the different ways he'll spend the many millions of dollars he'll earn on the sale of this house.

Only time will tell if Mister Santo Pietro will get anywhere near the $50,000,000 asking price. After all, it's not the only house on the open market in Beverly Park. Across the street, a 17,826 square foot mansion owned by former body builder and nutritional supplement magnate Bill Phillips has long been on the market for $34,000,000, and the 10 bedroom and 15 bathroom house at 27 Beverly Park Terrace owned by Indonesian biznessman Han Moeljadi is on the market for $29,000,000.

As an aside, Miz Vanna White and Mister Santo Pietro have two children. Which in and of itself is of no matter, because although Your Mama loves all our children fiercely, we could give a rat's ass about other people's children. Except when their nanny is a reality television "star." That's right babies, the Santo Pietro children's nanny is reportedly none other than the conniving, excessively vain, and barely articulate bikini model Jen Johnson, who is featured on the current season of Big Brother (8), a show which Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter have become increasingly and unfortunately obsessed. Poor dears. Your Mama really does have to wonder if the Jenious is going to have a job when she gets booted from the Big Brother house.

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