Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Denise Richards Is On the Move...Again

SELLER: Denise Richards
LOCATION: Long Valley Drive, Hidden Hills, CA
PRICE: $3,999,999 (reduced from $4,250,000)
SIZE: 5,651 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Here we go again. Bond gurl, boobie baring Playboy model, celebrity ex-wife, tabloid train wreck and newly minted reality television star Denise Richards is on the move. Again. Oh lawhd children, this ladee is about as real estate fickle as they come. In fact, she's becoming a real Ellen Degeneres with her real estate whirligig, never settling in for more than a year or two before moving on to new digs. Let's have a little recap of Miss Richards recent real estate transactions, just in case anyone cares.

In May of 2005, after fleeing the Encino estate she shared with her obscenely rich, prostie luvin' and (allegedly) porn obsessed huzband Charlie Sheen, she forked over $3,995,000 for house on Middle Fork Road in a gated Westlake Village community. Miss Richards' new crib sat just a stone's throw from her one time BFF and current arch enemy Heather Locklear. However, once Miss Richards started dating Miss Locklear's estranged huzband Richie Sambora, she unloaded that house lickety-split (for $4,100,000) and high-tailed it over to Hidden Hills, another swank and celebrity friendly guard gated community in suburban Los Angeles where in May of 2006 she purchased a house on Long Valley Road for $4,000,000. After owning the 5,188 square foot ranchette for less than one year, the peripatetic gossip glossy favorite flipped it back on the market at $4,495,000 where it sat until she karate chopped the asking price to just under three point eight million smackers. Property records (and reports) show that in late 2007 she finally sold the place for $3,800,000.

But children, even before she sold the above mentioned house on Long Valley Road, the sometimes funny and often foul mouthed Miss Richards purchased another horse friendly house on Long Valley Road. In June of 2007 she forked over $4,395,000 for the 1.15 acre property across the street which property records and listing information indicates measures 5,651 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. And now, just one year later she's listed the house at $4,250,000, which even a moe-ron can see is less than she paid for the estate just one year ago. It's been well reported that Miss Richards hauls in boo-coo bucks from her ex-huzband, but can bee-hawtcha really afford to loose half a million dollars in her real estate transactions over the last few years? Considering single mother of two is reported to have a sliver of multi-million dollar back end pie from Mister Sheen's screamingly successful sit-com Two and a Half Men, Your Mama imagines she can.

Anyhoo, current listing information does not currently show pictures of the interior. However iffin the children have any interest in viewing the inviting foyer, grand chef's kitchen with marble counters and custom cabinetry, the luxurious master bedroom with retreat and sumptuous master bath with island spa tub, the gym, office and/or backyard swimming pool and spa, one need only TiVo her show on the E! channel.

Your Mama doesn't have a clue where Miss Richards will be moving next, but we fully expect that her house hunt will be filmed for her television program and printed up in all the gossip glossies. Because let's face it children, she may not be a contender for an Academy Award or an Emmy, but she makes for good tabloid reading. Admit it, she does.

photos: Pacific Coast News

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