Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rich Russians Buy A Big House in London

Thanks to Fawning Flora across the pond in the United Kingdom, Your Mama was directed to an article in the Daily Mail which reports that London's largest private house besides Buckingham Palace was recently scooped up for a blistering £50,000,000 by Russia's richest woman Elena Baturina. Miz Baturina, who claims a building conglomerate fortune of over two billion bucks happens to be married to Yuri Luzkhov, the current mayor of Moscow.

Your Mama's bejeweled abacus reveals that the (alleged) purchase price converts to $100,093,500 at today's rates, a particularly mind numbing number given that the behemoth is reportedly in "a dilapidated state" and will require a tremendously expensive restoration and renovation. It's just a good thing then the new owner has more money than the damn Pope because it's going to cost her a Vatican sized fortune to renovate the (approx.) 40,000 square foot palatial pile.

Someone pass Your Mama the nerve pills because even more shocking is that the seller, a property developer named Marcus Cooper, only bought the humongous house in July of 2007 for £32,000,000 ($64,059,840) and reportedly did not even touch a floor board or tile before flipping the beast of a house to Miz Baturina at an astonishing £18,000,000 ($36,033,660) profit. In just one year. Can the children hear Your Mama gasping for breath?

Anyhoo, the ornately and exquisitely detailed Queen Anne style mega mansion called Witanhurst sits on 7(ish) acres in an area of London called Highgate and features a staggering 90 rooms including 25 bedrooms, 12 terlits, more than half a dozen reception rooms, several kitchens, a Grand Ball room that stretches seventy damn feet long and of course staff quarters up the proverbial wazoo.

Last year the really rich Russians reportedly purchased another house in hoity toity Holland Park. Now children, what does the mayor of Moscow need with two lavish and outrageously priced houses in London?

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