Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPDATE: Jeff Lewis

Cross your fingers kids because it looks like professional house flipper Jeff Lewis and his bizness partner and ex-luvah Ryan Brown may have finally sold that damn house on Valley Oak Drive that is featured on the current season of Bravo's boob toob favorite Flipping Out.

Since so many of the children seem to take an impolite delight in real estate schadenfreude, let's go back and have a look-see at the asking price history for this property. The hillside house in the Los Feliz neighborhood was first plopped on the market in April of 2008 with an optimistic asking price of $3,195,000. Just about a month later the asking price was hacked to $2,995,000, then a month later it was given another $200,000 haircut to $2,795,000 where it sat for another four or five weeks when it was given another $200,000 ka-rah-tay chop to its current asking price of $2,595,000.

Anyhoo, the listing for the 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom residence is now marked, "Looking for Backup" indicating that the property has entered escrow and will soon be sold...if the deal sticks together. Your Mama is sure that Missus Lewis and Brown are happy as pigs in shit that the house has finally sold and so are we because the more houses they sell the more likely we'll get to watch Jeff's crazy obsessive ass on the tee-vee.

Your Mama will let the children and the Chicken Littles discuss and duke it out about whether the $600,000 price reduction is a result of the house being over priced to begin with or if it's a reflection of the state of the market.

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