Friday, March 21, 2008

Get Lost at Harold Perrineau's Place

SELLER: Harold Perrineau
LOCATION: Westbourne Drive, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $2,399,000
SIZE: 2,341 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gated and secluded 2-story Spanish compound with detached 2-story guest house, 3 bedrooms + 3 bath (main home), formal living w/ open beam trusses, formal dining, gourmet kitchen opens to grand family room/media area, numerous serene outdoor entertaining areas with pool & spa.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama was recently corresponding with Mirakle Mike, a proven thoroughbred in our stable of sources and tipsters and a man who knows more than anyone ought to about celebrity real estate. During our exchange, Mirakle Mike casually mentioned that noted television actor Harold Perrineau recently put his West Hollywood house up for sale. The screeching of our brain brakes went off and we cried, "Whaaat!?"

Your Mama adored Mister Perrineau when he well played the wise and wheelchair bound narrator on the heart stopping and libido jumping Oz program, but we did not follow his booty over to Lost where he currently plays a character named Michael Dawson. Although Lost has an almost cult-like following, Your Mama does not tune in to that particular program because it has too many damn characters and too many interweaving plot lines to adequately or simply follow. While we love a big, fat, and wandering novel and we swoon over thoughtful and complex films, we prefer our boob tube programs to be easily absorbed by a brain marinated in a large pitcher of gin and tonics.

Anyhoo, just like Mirakle Mike mentioned, Mister Perrineau and his wifey Brittany have indeed put there Spanish compound on West Hollywood's Westbourne Drive on the market with an asking price of $2,399,000. Property records show the couple only purchased the home in July of 2006 for $2,050,000.

Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter both find the Westbourne Drive location highly desirable. Naturally, Bev Hills Bettys and Hollywood Hills hoes won't care for the not very glitzy flatland location, but it's perfect for a booze imbibing real estate gossip who would like to be able to walk to the Beverly Center food court occasionally, and it also works for the Dr. Cooter who might relish the opportunity to treat all the celebs and starvelets who roll into Cedar Sinai when they're suffering from "exhaustion," "dehydration," and "sleep deprivation."

Property records show the house measures 2,341 and listing information reveals there are three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the main house as well as all the normal rooms: living, dining, den/office, eat in kitchen and a good sized family room (with a disturbingly large television and a strangely small juke box). A detached guest house provides an additional bedroom and bathroom which works perfectly for guests who snore too loudly, stay too long and/or for visiting family members who might be too eager to get up in your personal bizness if they were to stay in the main house.

Generally speaking, Your Mama feels quite positively about this house. No puppies, we don't care for the counter tops in the kitchen or the b-grade appliances. We find the dining room day-core is entirely too urban-country for our personal taste, we're not 100% on the stair case but it doesn't hurt our insides, and the master a bathroom is a bit to Russian hotel looking, but we concede it may just be a wacky photo of the room. But day-core aside, this is a house that Your Mam could easily whip into a comfortably stylish home.

Listing information indicates there are numerous and serene outdoor spaces. Your Mama might go a little more contemporary with our patio furniture, but overall we love the semi-tropical courtyard feeling. We're sure some of you with children will say it's disappointing there is any green grass (there is however a patch in the walled and gated front courtyard) and also that the swimming pool is too small to the point of useless. But frankly, Your Mama does not care to have young and loud children swimming in our pool so we're good with the plunge sized pool.

Your Mama hasn't a clue why these Perrineau people would up and leave this house after owning for just two years. Perhaps they want something larger? Maybe they are looking for something more celebrified? Whatever the case we wish them well and look forward to the day that Mister Perrineau once again plies his craft on an easily digestible television program that Your Mama can well understand after tipping a few over.

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