Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...From someone who would know that septuagenarian sexpot Joan Collins is already ruffling feathers and causing considerable consternation at the dee-luxe Sierra Towers building in West Hollywood where she's recently forked over $2,700,000 to purchase a 25th floor condominium.

Not only do we hear she's getting a ugly reputation for clogging up the valet line with her big fat Rolls Royce while she fixes her wig and waxes on her lippy in the rear view, it turns out that this Joanie does not love Chachi or anyone else in the building for that matter. According to our source, Miz Collins has made it very clear that she prefers those gutsy enough to ride in the elevator with her not press the button for their floor until her Divalisciousness has removed herself from the lift...even if they live on a lower floor. And as you might imagine, this does not fly at the building known to many as, "The Gays and Greys."

Now children, just imagine the hissing and hollering that erupts when Miz Collins demands that persnickety Miss Elton John, who maintains a residence on the 20th floor, ride all the way to 27 before he can return to 20?

Just gossip and rumor kids, just gossip and rumor.

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