Wednesday, March 5, 2008

UPDATE: Garrison Keillor

A couple of days ago, Your Mama discussed a dignified red brick house in Saint Paul, MN that the litigious, curmudgeonly and wildly famous radio host Garrison Kiellor recently put on the market with a $1,650,000 asking price.

Today, thanks to a slew of wonderful residents of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who emailed us with a link over to an article in yesterday's Star Tribune (via the Grand Forks Herald), Your Mama has learned that Mister Keillor hopes to move his small family just a few blocks over to an historic mansion on Summit Avenue, one of Saint Paul's prettiest and priciest streets.

Although it's not a done deal, Saint Paul scuttlebutt says that Mister Keillor has offered to purchase what is often referred to as the George F. Lindsay house which sits on the same swanky section of Summit Avenue as the Minnesota Governor's Mansion. Property records show the Georgian Revival style house was built in 1919 for a lumber tycoon and measures in at a whopping 9,134 square feet.

Your Mama could not find a current listing for the property that would give any indication just how much radio money Mister Keillor might have to cough up to buy this house. However, in February of 2007, the Minneapolis Luxury Real Estate Blog discussed the pretty property that overlooks the city and reported the house contains 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms and was listed for a short time in 2006 for $2,579,000. Given that Your Mama knows precious little about the Minneapolis/St. Paul real estate market, we have no idea if a number that high would still apply in this era of sinking home prices and mortgage acquisition difficulties for the average home buyer. We'll just have to wait and see.

Whatever the case, we're certain Mister Keillor and his violinist wifey Jenny Lind will fill the big house with books, music and lefty liberal politics. All good things, of course, and Your Mama sincerely hopes none of their new neighbors on Summit Avenue are planning to add on to their houses any time soon.

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