Thursday, March 13, 2008

UPDATE: Michael Jackson

Didn't Your Mama tell the children earlier today that Michael Jackson's pee-pole were prolly talking out their poo poo holes when they was all shouting from the mountain tops that Neverland Ranch had been saved from foreclosure? Yes, we did.

Well, leave it to celebrity gossip Roger Friedman, who pens the Fox 411 gossip column, to get the real dirt on the doings at Neverland Ranch and to provide some much needed clarity on Mister Jackson's seemingly ceaseless foreclosure fracas.

The always and enviably well informed Mister Friedman reported late today that while Jackson's pee-pole were indeed able to delay the foreclosure auction date from March 19 to May 14, they were not able to forge a new financial agreement with Fortress. Which means Neverland Ranch remains in foreclosure and The White Lady is still in deep financial doo-doo with the hedge hogs at Fortress Investment Group.

It also means that Your Mama will have to wait until at least mid-May before we can wean ourself from the nerve pills the Dr. Cooter prescribed due to the stress and strain that has resulted from this ne-ver end-ing Neverland Ranch saga.

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