Friday, March 7, 2008

UPDATE: Kanye West

Thanks to the swift and impressing maneuvering of Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills, Your Mama has learned that Kanye West closed today on the Bev Hills flat fixer upper he purchased in March of 2007 for $7,150,000 and flipped back on the market in early November with an impressive asking price increase of $8,699,000.

Although Your Mama does yet not know who purchased the Bev Hills flats fixer upper, we do know they forked over $7,900,000 for the .79 acre property with its once pretty and now ramshackle 6 bedroom and 4 bathroom house.

Obviously Mister Kanye never lived in the krappy krib on N. Crescent Drive, but it appears he may have planned to live on the property at some point because he did have elaborate plans drawn up for a gigantic modern mansion by a "world renowned architect." Your Mama does not know why the Grammy winning musician aborted his grandiose real estate plans, but for now, we presume Mister Kanye will continue to occupy his art filled aerie on Fareholm Drive.

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