Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spend Easter With Sir Paul McCartney's Properties

The Easter Bunny will not be bringing Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter a big basket of hard candies, Peeps and hard boiled eggs this year, but the cotton tailed hopper is bringing us a brand new BMW, so Your Mama has to cut out of here right quick so we can meet the E.B. at the automobile dealership.

None the less, we don't want to leave the children high, dry and hopped up on sugar and blood of the lamb so here's a link to a recent article from This Is London that outlines the impressive real estate holdings of Sir Paul McCartney, who, all due respect, has to be one of the stoopidest men on the planet.

Despite that silly Say Say Say song he sang with Michael Jackson back in the 1980s, Sir Paul is without question a musical genius, a star of the highest magnitude and and an icon who will live on in the hearts and minds of Beatles fans forever. But he's also a dumb ass with hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets who married that one-legged ladee without a pre-nup. Your Mama is of the meaningless opinion that the smart, articulate and strong minded Miz Mills suffers from a classic case of Gold Digger and should be ashamed of herself for thinking she's entitled to $50,000,000 after just four years of marriage. However, Sir Paul could have headed this all off at the pass if he had only listened to his hoity toity designer daughter Stella and had Miz Mills sign a damn pre-nup.

The lesson for all your Richie Riches who believe love conquers all is that when it doesn't, you better have a pre-nup or be prepared to pay up.

, according to the folks at This Is London, Sir Paul owns a butt load of high priced residential real estate including several swanky state side properties. There's the the Hamptons house located in low-key Amagansett, a narrow New York City townhouse occupying prime property just off Fifth Avenue, and reportedly, a house in Beverly Hills which our research indicates does not actually belong to Mister McCartney.

The Beverly Hills house that is pictured in the linked article sits tucked away on Heather Road just above Coldwater Canyon Boulevard. The house was formerly owned by fluffy lipped and lovable train wreck Courtney Love who records show sold it on to a buddy of the Beatles. While there is much information that links both George Harrison (who apparently died at this house) and Sir Paul to the property (we understand from Mirakle Mike that Sir Paul does indeed stay at the house when he's bobbing around the West Coast), Your Mama, property records and our wide network of sources have been unable to pin down any 411 that reveals Sir Paul actually owns the house.

Whatever the case, have a look-see at the life of a deep pocketed Beatle and see what you think of Sir Paul's real estate choices.

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