Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UPDATE: Veronica Hearst

According to the gossips at Page Six of the New York Post, the Palm Beach palazzo that poor Veronica Hearst lost in the public and nasty tangle of foreclosure has a new owner, and it's not professional golfer Greg Norman who attended the foreclosure auction and was rumored to be interested in the ostentatious 52-room Italian Renaissance style pile.

Although we have not been able to independently verify the information, the new owner of Villa Venezia is reported to be filthy rich Washington D.C. based financier Franklin Haney who bought the sprawling ocean front behemoth from New Stream Secured Capitol. The children will recall that New Stream took ownership of the property after Miz Hearst defaulted on a $45,000,000 loan that was (at least in part) secured against the Palm Beach property.

Mister Haney reportedly plans to embark on a restoration of Villa Venezia and Your Mama imagines The Widow Hearst and her clutch of high priced attorneys and accountants are working overtime to ensure that New York City socialite hangs on to her pa-lay-shul Fifth Avenue co-op and her 45-acre estate in New Castle, NY even though she still owes New Stream millions more than the sale of Villa Venezia brought in.

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