Thursday, March 6, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...from three separate and unconnected sources that a deal might be in the works for the lavish and leviathan mansion of mega-money dee-vorcée Suzanne Saperstein. The children will recall the 5+ acre property, called Fleur de Lys and located in the heart of hoity toity Holmby Hills, was humped on to the market in the Summer of 2007 with heaps of publicity and a eye popping and hair raising $125,000,000 price tag.

Although the list of potential buyers for the undeniably immoderate mansion is a closely guarded secret among the lucky few real estate agents with clients in that stratosphere, Your Mama has heard through the gossip grapevine that the 35,000 square foot palace has been viewed by foreign dignitaries, Middle Eastern potentates, a couple super rich Americans, and at least one new money Russian oligarch sitting on an Everest sized mountain of Rubles.

Let's not bust out the Moët and Chandon just yet though, because if we learned anything from the $68,000,000 broken down deal on Nancy Daly Riordan's Malee-boo manse, it's that these big money deals ain't easy to put together and they can go sour on a moments notice.

The Sapersteins also put their Hummingbird Nest Ranch on the market last year for a rather optimistic $75,000,000, and the Simi Valley horsey haven remains unsold and available for any filthy rich equine fanatic looking to board their polo ponies in the lap of luxury.

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